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We have tried to answer the most popular questions that you may have during the planning of New Year holidays.
— Where can I buy tickets?
— Tickets are available only at Pasifico (18:00-02:00) and SAHiL restaurant (12:00-02:00).
What is the difference between tickets with different prices?
— Tickets without sitting places (STAND) allow only entrance to the event. Tickets of other categories allow you to reserve a sitting place in advance, as well as use the amount of the purchased ticket, ordering any dishes, drinks or shisha from the menu.
What is included in the price of a ticket with a reserved seat?
— The amount of the purchased ticket will place to a deposit account, which the guest can use by ordering any dishes, drinks or shisha from the menu. The amounts exceeding the deposit are paid additionally.
Can I pre-order food and drinks?
— We understand that on the New Year's Eve you have less time to prepare for the celebration. Therefore, we will gladly accept your order in advance. It is enough to buy a ticket, after just make choice from the menu, and order by calling: 050 285 00 21.
What time will the event finish?
— We will be happy to work until the last guest; but we plan to complete the celebration at 6:00.
Of course, the New Year is a family holiday; it means that it's necessary to celebrate it at home with the family and friends around the holiday table. But if you've already decided to celebrate it outside, come to us and let it be the best experience that will happen to you in the past year ;)

Until the New Year ...

Santa Claus loves you!